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The Council


graduate council


The Dean’s Office Graduate Council is a group of student volunteers representing each of the fifteen graduate programs in the College of Natural Sciences. The Council was created in spring 2015 to enhance bidirectional communication between students and the Office of Graduate Education. Together, we are sharing ideas to optimize the graduate school experience for students throughout the College. All students are encouraged to communicate ideas, questions, and concerns to the Council member representing their program.

Please share your feedback with your graduate program's representative listed below.

Grad Program Grad Student Email Address
Astronomy Kendall Sullivan kendallsullivan@utexas.edu
Biochemistry Sarah Pattengale spattengale@utexas.edu
Cell and Molecular Biology Whitney Pickens
Chemistry Joseph Shirley joseph.shirley@utexas.edu 
Computer Science Sepideh Maleki sepid.maleki@gmail.com
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Mackenzie Johnson mmjohn@utexas.edu
Human Dev & Family Sciences Shanting Chen chen3640@utexas.edu
Marine Science Emily Bristol bristol@utexas.edu
Mathematics Allie Embry aiembry@utexas.edu
Microbiology Letti Lopez letti.lopez@gmail.com
Neuroscience Emma Brockway etbrockway@utexas.edu
Nutritional Sciences Amy Kweller akweller@utexas.edu
Physics Marilyn Wells marilynwells@utexas.edu
Plant Biology Lydia Tressel bowlingg@utexas.edu
Statistics Brandon Carter carterjb@utexas.edu